Sarah Frank is a Palm Beach Florida based photographer. Her creative foundation was built at a young age when she got her hands on her first "real" camera (an old DSLR) and relentlessly followed her siblings around for impromptu photoshoots. Her love and curiosity for all arts grew through the years; she graduated from Rollins College with a BA in English and focused her ongoing studies in music, poetry, and photography at the Crealdé School of Art.

The main focus of Sarah's photography is to capture authenticity, whether that's on set or as you say "I do." Her dedication to the real and raw human experience is preserved in every image. Brands, love stories, individuals...they are all given the attention and detail that a bespoke experience should have.

Sarah's portraiture is filled with effortless feminine shapes, nostalgia for long summer nights, and a sense of longing for what's to come.

To work with Sarah, please inquire via this inquiry form, send @solsticefilmandphoto a DM on instagram, or email Sarah directly at

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